Equine Surgery in Orange County

Field Surgery Services
Many minor surgical procedures can be done on location which minimizes stress to the horse, and often expense to the owner. Clearly, the environment is not as clean in the field as in a hospital environment, so certain procedures are best done in a hospital.
Surgical procedures which EVA veterinarians routinely preform in the field include:
  • Biopsies / Lumpectomies
  • Laceration Repairs
  • Castrations
  • Caslick's Procedures
  • Neurectomies
Referral Options

At Equine Veterinary Associates, we refer our clients to the best and most cost effective centers and veterinarians. If your horse needs an MRI, it will often be sent to a different center than if the horse needs a bone scan. If your horse requires an internal medicine consultation, we might refer your horse to a different location than if it were a surgical colic. How do we know where to refer?

EVA veterinarians refer numerous cases of all kinds every year and receive feedback from both the referral centers and our clients. If outcomes are not favorable, or if clients are dissatisfied, then we explore other options and may not refer cases to that facility in the future. We do not have a financial interest in any of the facilities to which we refer cases. Our only loyalty is to the best outcomes for our clients.