Performance Horses

Special Demands on Performance Horses

Equine Veterinary Associates clients use their horses in a myriad of competitive events ranging from the local team sporting event to the multiple world championship competitions held annually across the country. The stress and transportation demands placed on competitive horses can be extreme, especially if the horse is young or has a tendency to be anxious.


It is imperative that horses that are stabled in strange environments be kept current on vaccinations and de-worming. It is also important to make sure that any diseases which are not present in your home state, but may be present in states through which you are traveling, are adequately vaccinated against.


Be Prepared!

All owners of competitive horses should be aware of the clinical signs of equine gastric ulcer syndrome and be prepared with appropriate medications to manage such a condition if it should arise. Gastric ulcers are very common in race horses and are probably much more common in performance horses than many owners realize.


Owners of competitive/performance horses should give serious consideration to having a stocked first aid kit with them at all competitions. Consult with your EVA veterinarian for specific suggestions.