Equine Dentistry in Orange County

On Site Dental Care

Your EVA Veterinarian is trained to manage most routine equine dentistry procedures for your horse at your location. These dental procedures include routine floating of the molar teeth, incisor equilibration, extractions, and digital radiographs of the teeth and sinuses.

Routine dental care and regular oral exams are necessary because horses have a natural malocclusion.

The upper teeth arcades in the maxilla are wider than the lower teeth arcades in the mandible. Because horses, like all herbivores, wear their teeth down against each other while chewing plant material, this malocclusion results in an irregular wear pattern of the teeth. This results in problems with the bit, eating slowly, poor food utilization, weight loss and an increased incidence of colic.

Floating the Teeth

Routine floating of the horses teeth is imperative in the overall care of your horse. Some horses require floating on a more frequent basis than others because of their diet, chewing patterns, and their individual degree of malocclusion.

Be aware of unlicensed, uninsured “Horse Dentists” in California. Their work in California is illegal unless supervised by a Veterinarian in attendance during the procedure. This is for the protection and well being of the horse. If an unlicensed, uninsured person injures your horse performing illegal procedures, you will likely have no recourse against such a person.

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If you are looking for a horse dentist or would like to know more about the equine dental services we offer, please feel free to contact us through our online contact form or call our veterinary office. Equine Veterinary Associates Inc., is located in the city of Anaheim and services all of Orange County.