Strangles Vaccinations in Orange County


Strangles is a highly contagious disease caused by bacteria. It can be transmitted by direct contact from horse to horse, from the horse being placed in a stall where an infected horse has been, or from the hands, shoes, or clothing of a person who has had contact with a sick horse. The highly contagious nature of the disease can cause epidemic-like outbreaks at some stables.

There is a live, intra-nasal vaccination, which is highly effective at preventing the disease if given annually. Because this is a live, inactivated vaccination, the possibility of cross-contamination with other vaccines exists, so often it is not given at the same time as the other vaccinations.

In addition, because this is a live vaccination, it is much more likely to make the horse sick forma couple of days with a post-vaccination reaction such as a fever, nasal discharge, or cough.