Lameness in Horses

Management and Treatment of Lameness

Once the cause of the horses lameness is identified, there are multiple options that may be employed to manage or resolve the problem. On occasion your EVA veterinarian may suggest changing the way the horse is trimmed or shod or may prescribe anti-inflammatory medications. Frequently, for joint problems, an intra-articular injection of cortisone or hyaluronic acid into the damaged joint is a rapid way to get the lameness alleviated. On occasion, the best option is a period of rest for the horse.

If the horse is diagnosed with degenerative joint disease or arthritis, your EVA veterinarian may prescribe oral chondroprotectives or chondroprotective injections such as Legend, Adequan, or Glucosamine.

Often several treatment options are employed simultaneously to maximize and achieve the most rapid response. For instance, an injured joint may require a cortisone injection, a change in the way a horse is shod, and a short course of Adequan.

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