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Equine Pharmacy & Horse Medicine

New Prescriptions
New prescriptions require, according to federal law, a valid Doctor-Client relationship. Basically, in order to dispense a prescription horse medication, one of our EVA veterinarians has to have examined the horse within the last 12 months. If that criteria has been met, then a new prescription MAY be approved at the discretion of the prescribing veterinarian. Please allow 24 hours for doctor approval and to prepare the prescription for pick up at our office.
Medicine Refills
Unless your EVA veterinarian has authorized a standing refill on your horse’s prescription, each refill needs doctor approval. Just as with new prescriptions, please allow one day for requests for refills to be processed, although in many instances, refills can be done with two hours advance notice. For a nominal charge, refills can be shipped to your residence if you prefer that option rather than drive to the office to pick up the medications.
Special Orders
The EVA pharmacy stocks all of the medications commonly used on horses on a frequent basis. Occasionally, horses with more complicated medical conditions require specifically compounded medications for their special circumstances or on occasion we will need to order veterinary drugs used frequently in species other than horses. Quite frequently, we use human medications at high doses on our equine patients. If your horse is requiring special order medication, please be aware that we may not stock these medications in our pharmacy and you need to plan your requests for prescription refills accordingly. The costs of a rush order or expedited shipping can be avoided if sufficient time is allowed to order special orders. With the exception of allergy refill kits, the turn-around time for special order medications is less than a week. Allergy refills can take several weeks, so please plan accordingly.